ASPG Annual Conference 2019
‘Parliaments navigating disruption in 2019’

2–4 October 2019 | Australian Parliament House, Canberra

Conference papers

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Day One: Tuesday 3 October

Panel one: Navigating disruption – Parliamentary deliberation and debate

  • The Quality of debate in upper houses in Australia – Patrick O’Brien, Victorian Legislative Council  •  📈 Click here to open the presentation
  • Words in the 45th Parliament: examining Senate debate through the frequency of words – Jedidiah Reardon, Australian Senate  •  📖 Click here to open the paper  •  📈 Click here to open the presentation
  • Private members’ bill case study: Abortion legislation in Western Australia – Janine Freeman MLA, Western Australian Legislative Assembly

Panel two: Navigating disruption – Influences on policy and legislation

Panel three: The procedural and institutional disruption of social media

Day Two: Friday 4 October

Panel four: Navigating disruption to parliamentary committees 

  • The truth, the half truth, and nothing like the truth – Lynley Ducker & Aleshia Westgate, Australian House of Representatives •  📖 Click here to open the paper
  • Does legislative scrutiny by parliamentary committees improve human rights compatibility of legislation? – Lynda Pretty, Queensland Parliament  •  📖 Click here to open the paper  •  📈 Click here to open the presentation
  • Disrupting consensus: Understanding the role and nature of minority reports in parliamentary committee inquiries – John Aliferis, independent researcher, and Dr Anita Mackay, La Trobe University  •  📈 Click here to open the presentation

Panel five: Navigating disruption – Community engagement

Panel six: Navigating disruption – Representation, inclusion, and diversity

  • Commencement prayers as a measure of inclusivity and representativeness in Oceanian parliaments – Jayden Evett, ACT Legislative Assembly  •  📖 Click here to open the paper
  • Sub-panel: The four elements of a successful education program – Angela Casey, Amanda Paroz (Cwth), Jeannie Douglass (NSW), Natalie Young (SA), and Craig Muir (NT).

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