Established in 1978, the Australasian Study of Parliament Group is a politically non-partisan body, focused on encouraging and stimulating research, writing, teaching and discussion about parliamentary institutions, particularly those of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The ASPG has a main Executive body and has established Chapters in all States and Territories of Australia and in New Zealand. These Chapters are supported by the institutions providing secretariat services to the respective legislatures in Australia and New Zealand.

ASPG membership consists of parliamentarians, parliamentary officers, academics, teachers, journalists, students and other interested individuals.

2024 Conference

The 2024 Conference will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, from 2 to 4 October 2024.  The topic is Parliament’s resilience in a changing world.

ASPG 2024 NZ Conference – Flyer 1


It is with great pleasure that I introduce this Edition of the Australasian Parliamentary Review. This volume reflects on several significant political and parliamentary developments that have occurred during the last two years – or that are emerging on the horizon. We hear from David Clune and Rodney Smith, from the University of Sydney, on the outcome and impact of the 2023 New South Wales (NSW) Election, and Andrew Cole, Parliament of South Australia, gives us his take on voter disengagement and the Voice to Parliament referendum. Kenneth Kitts, Professor of Politics from the University of North Alabama, also provides a useful refresher on elections in America, and Prasser makes the case against four-year terms for the Australian Parliament.

Our Chapters

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