Refereed and non-refereed articles
The Australasian Parliamentary Review publishes refereed and non-refereed scholarly articles.

Authors must indicate, at the time of first submission, if they wish their paper to be subjected to a double blind review process.

Peer reviewed papers will be identified as such.

If authors do not indicate, it will be assumed that they do not want their paper peer reviewed.

Submissions should be sent to the APR editor [email protected]

Lenght of article 
Articles should be between 5000–6000 words, including references and footnotes.

The editor may accept slightly shorter or longer articles.

Title page
A separate title page should state clearly the author’s name, title(s) and affiliations (including former affiliations where relevant to the article).

All articles to have an abstract of approximately 150 words.

Page numbering 
All pages, except for the title page, are to be consecutively numbered, commencing with 1.

They are to appear at the top right hand of each page.

Referencing style
For in text referencing and references at the end of the article, please adopt APA Version 6.

A link to the APA central site is provided below:

Headings, sub-headings and paragraphs

  • Flush left with no preceding numbers or letters
  • No indentation on sub-headings and paragraphs
  • Use paragraph styles for heading level identification
  • UK English spelling should be used (not American).

As per APA 6.

Please keep to a minimum and insert footnotes at the bottom of the relevant page (not at the end of the article).

Website referencing
Please adopt APA Version 6.

References should be at the very end of the article after appendices and/or notes.

Line spacing

Font size
12pt and in a font that is clear to read.

Tables and figures 
All tables and figures are to be numbered and their source and author to be included directly below the figure or table, even when the author of the article produced the table or figure.

Authors must not use copyrighted material without the appropriate permission.