The annual general meeting of the ASPG is usually held in association with the Group’s annual conference. The quorum for the meeting is 11 ASPG members.

At the annual meeting, the President of the ASPG presents a written report on the Group’s activities and the Treasurer presents the Group’s (audited) financial statements. The Editor of the APR Journal also presents a written report and each ASPG Chapter presents a brief written summary report on their activities.

Detailed minutes record the proceedings of each AGM. Copies of these minutes are available from the links below, along with key meeting papers:

2018 Annual General Meeting, held 18 July 2018, Brisbane

2017 Annual General Meeting, held 28 September 2017, Hobart

2016 Annual General Meeting, held 5 October 2016, Adelaide

2015 Annual General Meeting, held 1 October 2015, Wellington

If you wish to view any other proceedings of past meetings, please email: