Annual Conference
18 – 20 July 2018

Click here to view the conference programme: Trust in Parliament in a post-truth world

Photo of conference delegates

Opening Address from the Governor of Queensland, His Excellency the Honourable Paul de Jersey AC, 18 July 2018

Transcript of conference proceedings:

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Conference papers:

Detoxing democracy in a post-truth world: A new role for ordinary people in politics
Nicholas Gruen

The wisdom of crowds vs the madness of crowds
Colin James

Comparing the relationship between conservative world views and climate change scepticism across nations
Matthew Hornsey (refer to transcript)

What do Australians want? Active and effective government fit for all the Ages
Travers McLeod

The ‘trust’ deficit and the urgent need for change
Colleen Lewis (refer to transcript)

Audience response to media representation of women politicians as legitimate leaders
Jannine Williams (refer to transcript)

Institutional Trust
Paul Grant and Rebecca Burton

The wealth paradox: economic prosperity and the hardening of attitudes
Frank Mols (refer to transcript)

Electoral systems, trust in Parliament, and vulnerability to populism
Casey Mazzeralla

Public office as/is a public trust
David Solomon

Clear and proactive communications: how parliaments can build trust
Rt Hon Trevor Mallard (refer to transcript)

Trust and political behaviour
Jonathan O’Dea

Enhancing conduct to enhance trust
Ken Coghill (refer to transcript)

Trust and parliament: reviewing the evidence
Gabor Hellyer (refer to transcript)

Empowering Parliament through democratic innovation (Briefing note)
Iain Walker

Communication and engagement with diverse digital worlds
Mike Price

Effective of Affectation: televising parliamentary proceedings and its influence on MPs’ behaviour
Greg Cotmore (refer to transcript)

Building trust relationships in the context of parliamentary committee work
Sarah Palmer

Fair share: Competing claims and Australia’s economic future
Stephen Bell (refer to transcript)

The role of the media in politics and the effect of social media on political reporting
Peter Russo

The rise of the keyboard commando Member
Gareth Ward and Sean O’Connor (refer to transcript)

The regional vote at the 2017 Queensland State Election: What it means for minor parties
Paul Williams (refer to transcript)