Annual Conference
5-7 August 2010

Conference theme: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Perceptions of Parliament

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Conference papers:

Maintaining public trust in Parliament without freedom of information – balancing the right to know with parliamentary privilege
Vicki Buchbach

Paying the police: ‘Greengate’ and parliamentary privilege
Brian Costar

Restoring faith in the British Parliament
Phil Larkin

Fault lines in the Federal Fourth Estate
Helen Ester

Media Use and its Effect on Trust in Politicians, Parties and Democracy
Juliet Pietsch

The Tablecloth and the Long Bell: Media perceptions of the New South Wales Legislative Council 1999-2009
Steven Reynolds 

Ministerial responsibility: Reality or myth?
Judy Maddigan

Politicians are ordinary; it is the media that make them the good, the bad and the ugly
Judy Maddigan

“Mr Speaker, I withdraw …”: A comparative analysis of parliamentary standards over time via electronic Hansard
Christopher Salisbury

Social media, community engagement and perceptions of parliament: A case study from the NSW Legislative Council
Beverly Duffy and Madeleine Foley

Perceptions of Parliament: The civic education factor – the 2010 Western Australian findings
Harry Phillips