Annual Conference
27-29 September 2017

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Conference theme and program – Engaging Parliament: Fostering Parliament’s relationship with its stakeholders

Conference papers:

Seen but not heard – Deafness and democracy in Australia
David Gibson

Parliament of Samoa – Educating the public and new ways to engage the public about the Parliament (final paper pending)
Yonita Tuia

Where does Malcolm Turnbill sit? – The story behind establishing a parliamentary education office
Kimbra McCormack

Democracy for millennials (final paper pending)
Bridget Noonan

Can modern media make Parliaments more attractive to engage a hi-tech generation?
Sean O’Connor

Parliamentary privilege and the common law of Parliament – Can MPs say what they want and get away with it?
Carren Walker

Head of State – Parliament Relations: Walter Bagehot and the Constitution Act 1934
Richard Herr

Evading scrutiny? Orders for papers and access to cabinet information by the NSW Legislative Council
Beverly Duffy and Sharon Ohnesorge

The separation of powers between the Executive and the Judicary
Dr John Alvey

The Western Australian Parliament’s relationship with the Executive
Alex Hickman

Controlling the ‘Executive creep’
Jon Breukel and Carolyn Macvean

Parliamentary Committees: Building a Bridge between Parliament and the Public
Julia Agostino and Dr Andrew Gaczol

Parliamentary committees – Improving public engagement
Dr Joshua Forkert

Putting the west in Westminster – Establishment of a Legislative committee of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly
Janine Freeman

Influencing Change in Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Laws – How has the PJCIS used submissions and oral evidence in its pre-enactment scrutiny reports on counter-terrorism laws? (final paper pending)
Dr Dominique Dalla-Pozza

The People’s Parliament in today’s international security environment
Robert Nielsen

Effective public engagement
Susan Want and Brett Rodgers

Parliamentary committees – Evidence gathering processes and emerging technologies
Peggy Danaee

Have petitions had their day
Rebecca Burton

Parliaments and their Watchdogs – The role of statutory reviews
Peter Wilkins

The Parliament’s role in maintaining the independence of statutory officers (final paper pending)
Lesley Ferguson

Parliamentary veto proceedings for statutory appointments
Tanja Zech