Research papers

Material submitted to the APR may be considered more suited to publication as a research paper, where a worthy article does not have the required attributes, but is of substantive interest to the APR reader.

Recent research papers about matters of parliamentary practice and procedure are available from the links below:

The Passage Through the New Zealand House of Representatives of the Local Government (Auckland Reorganisation) Bill
Peter Hoare

Can I Get A Witness?: Should the NSW Parliamentary Evidence Act 1901 be amended
Leon Last

The Slipper conspiracy – sedition or contempt?
Owen Walsh

Do free conferences have a place in the present-day NSW Parliament?
Lynsey Blayden

Status of the Clerk: are Mozambique and Tanzania the most appropriate role models for the Northern Territory?
Julia Knight

Understanding Conscience Vote Decisions: The Case of the ACT
Peter Balint and Cheryl Moir

“In the Bush with Ballots, Boxes and Countrymen”
Syd Stirling

Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements
Cathy Madden and Deirdre McKeown

The base salary for senators and members
Leanne Manthorpe (updated by Cathy Madden, Deirdre McKeown and Guy Woods)

A productive anomaly: New Zealand’s Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
Pavan Sharma

Who else can judge the judges?: The role of Parliament in the removal of judicial officers from judicial office
Cathryn Cummins

Independent Officers of Parliament – Fact or fiction?
Andréa Cullen

Do Uniform Schemes of Legislation Undermine State Sovereignty?
Annemieke Jongsma