Annual Conference
1 – 3 October 2014

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Conference theme and program: How Representative is Representative Democracy?


Information paper on the Bougainville House of Representatives Standing Orders: Making the Standing Orders Work for the People
Peter Topura

Cultural Adaptation and the Westminster Model: Some Examples from Fiji and Samoa
Richard Herr

The Impact of MMP on Representation in New Zealand’s Parliament – a view from outside Parliament
Therese Arseneau

The High Court on Election Funding – Legitimate Ends and the Validity of Reforms
Anne Twomey

Parliamentary speech and the location of decision making
David Blunt

Parliaments without Parties
Liam Weeks

The Contemporary Crisis of Representative Democracy
Simon Tormey

Disability, inclusion and democracy – an uncomfortable fit
David Gibson

Participation and Power: Aboriginal Representation and Members of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly 1974 – 2014
Michael Tatham

Gender representation in Parliament – Beyond numbers: The role of specialised parliamentary bodies in promoting gender equality
Marian Sawer