ASPG Constitution and rules

//ASPG Constitution and rules
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The main purpose of the ASPG’s Constitution is to make clear the Group’s objectives, membership and finances, and importantly, its governance arrangements. The Group’s Constitution (and rules) are reviewed regularly and, if necessary, can be altered at the Group’s annual general meeting provided the appropriate notice is given.

A copy of the Constitution is available from the link below:

ASPG Constitutional Revision 2016

In addition to the Constitution, the ASPG Executive body has agreed a number of standing resolutions. These are available from the link below:

Standing resolutions of the Executive Committee September 2015

Clause 22 of the Constitution states that each State and Territory of Australia and New Zealand shall constitute a chapter of the Group and that each chapter shall have its own constitution. A model of a chapter constitution is available from the link below:

ASPG chapter model constitution