Annual Conference
6-8 October 2011

Conference theme: The Executive vs Parliament – who wins?

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Opening Address
John Mickel

Conference papers:

The Executive versus the Legislative Council: A Case Study from the South Australian Parliament
Jordan Bastoni

The functions of Parliament: reality challenges tradition
Ken Coghill

Victoria’s Dispute Resolution Committee and Its Implications for an Effective Bicameral System
Philip Davis

Breaking Down the Barriers: When Parliaments Display Leadership and the Executive Follows
David Gibson

Restraints Upon the Agenda: Policy Making in Victoria 1982-1992
Alistair Harkness

Current Issues in Pacific Island Parliaments
Graham Hassall

Diminishing the efficacy of disallowance motions: Quasi-Legislation in State Jurisdictions
Scott Hickie

Is the Traditional role of Parliament still valid in our society?
Sonia Hornery

Who Cares Wins: Parliamentary Committees and the Executive
Paul Lobban

Cabinet Confidentiality and Parliamentary Scrutiny in the Information Age
Tony Lupton

Prorogation and principles: The Gentrader Inquiry – Government accountability and the shutdown of Parliament
Teresa McMichael

The role of Public Accounts Committees
Jonathan O’Dea

The effectiveness of parliamentary committees in Queensland: 1996-2001
Suman Ojha

Trends in public sector audit legislation: From Federation to follow-the-dollar
Des Pearson

Executive growth and the takeover of Australian parliaments
Scott Prasser

Queensland Parliament: A new era of Parliamentary Reform
Judy Spence

The impact of multi-party government on parliament-executive relations: Examples from abroad
Katrin Steinack

Holding Oppositions to Account: The Slow Surrender of Parliamentary Democracy
Jay Tilley