Annual Conference
17-19 September 2009

Conference theme: The Changing Face of Parliamentary Opposition – Independents, Parties and Houses

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Conference papers:

Green members in green chambers: the role of the Australian Greens in government formation
William Bowe

Being in Opposition – Opportunities Lost
Russell Grove

Why Parliaments Should Train Opposition Parliamentarians
Cristina Neesham, Peter Holland, Colleen Lewis, Ken Coghill and Ross Donohue

Working Collaboratively from Opposition (Independents, Parties and Houses) to Improve Services for Social Disadvantage
Judy Hopwood

The Media and the Opposition
Judy Maddigan

Does the Gender Composition of an Opposition Influence its Role on Women’s Issues?
John McCulloch

Opposition one day, government the next: Can oppositions make policy and be ready for office?
Scott Prasser

Can the Opposition effectively ensure government accountability in Question Time? An empirical study
P Rasiah

The Age of Independence? Independents in Australian Parliaments
Mark Rodrigues and Scott Brenton

Queensland Speaks: A Progress Report
Roger Scott and Peter Spearitt

An overview of recent Northern Territory events
Robyn Smith

An analysis of parliamentary questions raised by Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh (India) State Legislative Assembly
Suman Ojha and Sanjay Mishra