• Ms Diana McCluskey, Chair
  • Mr James Gilchrist, Secretary
  • Dr Vanja Perovic-Vukotic, Treasurer
  • Mr Clem Campbell
  • Dr Lorraine Cherney
  • Dr Mary Crawford
  • Mr Simon Kelly
  • Ms Nonie Malone
  • Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma
  • Professor Juliet Pietsch

Ex Officio members

  • Mr David Fraser, Immediate Past Chair
  • Mr Linus Power MP, government representative
  • Mr Ray Stevens MP, non- government representative

Clerk’s representative

  • Ms Niccola¬†Mouatt


For information about the Executive Committee of the QLD Chapter, please contact:

Dr Kit Kowol
ASPG QLD Chapter
Parliament House
George Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000

Email:¬†[email protected]