Annual Conference
3-5 October 2012, Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory

You can access the key conference documents from the links below:

Conference theme and program: Constitutions – reviewed, revised and adapted

Conference papers:

Where are the Women MPs?
Mary Crawford

Where are the Women MPs? (Appendix)
Mary Crawford

Expert Panels as a Mechanism of Constitutional Reform
Paul Kildea

Race and the Australian Constitution
George Williams

Constitutions of the Australian Federation: A Complex, Evolving Centralizing System
Ken Coghill

Over 21 – How About the Keys? Reviewing the ACT Constitution
Tom Duncan

Committees – What are they good for?
Gerry McInally

The New Zealand Constitutional Review
Charles Chauval and Louise Upston

Guarding MPs’ integrity in the UK and Australia
David Solomon

Northern Territory Statehood: The Lasseter’s Reef of Constitutional Development?
Michael Tatham

Michael Tatham (Appendix 1)
Michael Tatham (Appendix 2)
Michael Tatham (Appendix 3)
Michael Tatham (Appendix 4)