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From your Editor, Colleen Lewis


Parliamentary Privilege
Part 1: The test of necessity
Part 2: Exclusive cognisance of internal affairs
Part 3: Article 9 “proceedings of parliament”
Gerard Carney (page 6)

Political Leadership and Public Policy Debate in the 2016 Australian Federal Election
Andrew Gunn and Michael Mintrom (page 43)

Western Australia’s state election of 2017: what are the implications?
Martin Drum and Glenda Bourne (page 59)

Fifty Shades of Grey(hounds): The extent of the NSW Legislative Council’s power to order papers from organisations not in the control of a minister
Kate Mihaljek (page 74)

One Nation’s support: why “income” is a poor predictor
Frank Mols and Jolanda Jetten (page 92)

‘We’re gonna need a bigger boat’: Navigating an ocean of media in the New South Wales Parliamentary Library
Susan Walton and Deborah Bennett (page 101)

Offshore, Out Of Reach? Parliamentary Oversight Of Australia’s Regional Processing Arrangements
CJ Sautelle (page 112)

Language and the Law: A Samoan Case Study
Eline Salevao (page 131)

Reflections on the Origins of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group: In Defence of Parochialism
Roger Scott (page 153)


From the Tables – July to December 2016
Tim Bryant (page 160)

Book reviews

Colleen Lewis
Party Rules? Dilemmas of political party regulation in Australia (page 174)
Parliament Legislation and Accountability (page 178)