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Notes and News

2005 ASPG annual conference: Parliament and Accountability in the 21st Century – The role of parliamentary oversight committees

Parliament and Accountability: The role of parliamentary oversight committees
Gareth Griffiths

NSW Parliamentary Committees and Integrity Oversight: Comparing public sector agency, news media and NGO perspectives
Rodney Smith

Governing the Government: The paradoxical place of the public accounts committee
Kate Jones and Kerry Jacobs

Parliamentary Oversight from the Perspective of the New South Wales Ombudsman
Bruce Barbour

Parliamentary Oversight an Auditor-General’s Perspective
Tony Whitfield

Parliamentary Oversight and ICAC
Paul Pearce

The West Australian Standing Committee on the Corruption and Crime Commission(CCC)
John Hyde

The Queensland Crime Commission
Geoff Wilson

The Scrutiny of Government Agencies by Parliamentary Joint Committees
Anthony Marinac and Jonathon Curtis

Intelligence Oversight and the War on Terrorism
Margaret Swieringa

Officers of Parliament: The New Zealand Model
Andrew Beattie

Srutiny and Capacity: An evaluation of the parliamentary committees in the New Zealand Parliament
Elizabeth McLeay

Book pages

Platypus and Parliament: The Australian Senate in theory and practice, by Stanley Bach
Bruce Stone

Book Notes from the New South Wales Parliament
David Clune

Parliamentary Government in New South Wales
Alan Ward

The Premiers of New South Wales, 1856–2005 by David Clune and Ken Turner
Alan Ward

Decision and Deliberation: the Parliament of NSW, 1856–2003 by David Clune and Gareth Griffith
Alan Ward