• Contributions should be submitted in Word format using A4 page
    setting and double spacing throughout;
  • The inclusion of references and endnotes is at the discretion
    of the author. The Editor’s’s preference is for these to be available
    from the author on request. Otherwise, references should be in endnote
    form and kept to a minimum. Avoid the use of footnotes;
  • Either use the Harvard OR the Classic Oxford system;
  • The use of abbreviations and acronyms should be kept to a minimum;
  • Use single quote marks, with double within single quotes;
  • Use ise (i.e., organise);
  • Tables — use tabs or cells (insert table mode), not multiple
  • On notification of formal acceptance, authors may make small
    changes to the manuscript in the time specified by the Editor. Major
    changes are not accepted, except in response to referee reports.

Capitalisation: Use capitals sparingly and consistently
throughout your manu­script. As a general rule, use upper case
(capitals) for specific organisations/entities and job titles and
lower case for functions or generic terms.

For example:

  • the Treaty of Versailles; the Executive Council, but otherwise
    treaty, council;
  • the Minister, the Secretary of State, etc. when naming specific
    government min­isters, but otherwise minister or secret­ary
    of state, e.g. the Minister for Foreign Affairs, but foreign ministers
    of the EU;
  • Parliament but parliamentary;
  • government; the Howard Government, otherwise the government,
    the Department of Primary Industry, otherwise, the departments.

Reference style for sources:

Note: the word editor abbreviates to ed. (full stop); the word editors
contracts to eds (no full stop). Any abbreviation which ends with
the last letter of the word – e.g. Mr, Dr – is not followed by a full
stop. Where the abbreviation does not end with the last letter of
the word – e.g. Prof. – a full stop is used.

Authored book:
Smith, Rodney; Ariadne Vromen; and Ian Cook. 2002. Keywords
in Australian
Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University

Edited book:
Brown, Peter, Laurel Green and Jenny Jones (eds). 2002. Civil
Servants and Ministers
. Harmondsworth: Penguin.

Chapter in an edited book:
Hausner, J, T. Kudlacz and J.J. Szlachta. 1997. ‘Regional and
Local Factors in the Restructuring of South-Eastern Poland’, in Gernot
Gabher and David Stark (eds), Restructuring Networks in Post-Socialism:
Legacies, Linkages and Localities
. Oxford: Oxford University
Press, pp. 115-17.

Journal article:
Swieringa, Margaret. 2006. ‘Intelligence Oversight and the War
on Terrorism’, Australasian Parliamentary Review 21(1), pp.135-42.

Official publications:
(In most cases a department, committee, commission, etc. is listed alphabetically
under its own name as the author – be careful to make style of citations in text
correspond with those in the list – e.g. if you have OECD 2000 in the text, it
should be ‘OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). 2000.’
in the reference list).