Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 1986. Vol 1, No. 2

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Title Author

Book Reviews. A Federal Legislature: The Australian Commonwealth Parliament 1901-1980 (by Ken Spillman)

J Rydon

Book Reviews. Democracy and Power in New Zealand (by CS Bean)

R Mulgan

Book Reviews. Getting our Houses in Order: Australia’s Parliament: How it Works and the Need for Reform (by John Uhr)

D Jaensch

Book Reviews. The People’s Palace: Parliament in Modern Australia (by John Uhr)

D Solomon

Bureaucratic Change and Parliamentary Staffs: Thoughts out of Season

R L Cope

Comment. Parliamentary Privilege: A Note and a Rejoinder

Group News. Publications and Membership

Promise and Performance. An Analysis of Time Taken for Commonwealth Governments to Respond to Reports from Parliamentary Committees

M E Aldons

Quis Custodies Ipsos Custodet? A Review Article on the Committee System of The Australian Senate

Toby Miller

The Role of Parliament in Law-Making: The Legal View

James Crawford and Susan Graebner