Australasian Parliamentary Review

Spring 1999. Vol 14, No. 1

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Title Author

A different pair of solitudes: Mass and elite attitudes toward political ethics

Maureen Mancuso

Australian solitudes: Citizens, Parliamentary party politics, corruption agencies and political ethics

Rodney Smith

For God and states’ rights: Euthanasia in the Senate

Marion Maddox

Government and business: Integrity and accountability

David Solomon

Is the sound grap the way to demonstrate ethics?

Kate Carnell

Reviews. A useful service 7

Jeremy Moon

Reviews. The New South Wales Election Series, 1998 publications (five monographs)

Campbell Shorman

The drama of political ethics and its varied cast

Noel Preston

The entitlement structure for Members of the Australian House of Representatives: A Canadian comparison

Kirsty Stuart and Linda Irene Glassop

What’s that you say, Mrs Robinson? The future for parliamentary representation in New Zealand