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Note from the Editor, Sarah Moulds


Arguing for Free Speech in the 21st Century
Dr Arif Ahmed MBE

Your Freedom Ends Where my Nose Begins – But what if the Nose Moves?
The Hon Robert French AC

Unheralded but indispensable. The Auditor General’s role in promoting government transparency
Caroline Spencer

Queering Up the Debate: Freedom of Speech seen through a LGBTI lens
David Gibson

Who Will Guard the Free Speech Guardians?
James Allan


Mount Erebus to Ann Street: Forty years of judicial supervision of ad hoc and permanent commissions of inquiry and the intersection with parliamentary privilege and doctrines of mutual respect
Neil J Laurie

You Can’t Print that in Hansard: Surveying Hansard Expungements in Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Charlie Feldman

Article 9 of the Bill of Rights: An Historical, Philosophical and Practical Primer
Thomas Spencer

Curating the Record of Free Speech in Parliament
Cecilia Edwards

The power to compel the attendance of witnesses and the giving of evidence before committees – lessons from the NSW Legislative Council
Vanessa O’Loan

‘It’s a bit unfair on the bin chickens, don’t you think?’: Unparliamentary language as self-regulated freedom of speech
Dr Joel Bateman & Ophelia Tynan

What should Oppositions do?
Scott Prasser

Legislative Strategies to Tackle Misinformation and Disinformation: Lessons from Global Jurisdictions
Rachel Tan

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