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Table of Contents

From your editor, Jennifer Aldred


Commonalities, intersections, and challenges for the scrutiny and interpretation of legislation in trans-Tasman jurisdictions and beyond
Bryan Horrigan

The Constitution Amendment (Restoration of Oaths Allegiance) Act 2012 (NSW) — background and issues in the debate
Gareth Griffith

How far can they go – committee powers outside of inquiries
Teresa McMichael

Research papers

The functions of Parliament; reality challenges tradition
Ken Coghill, Peter Holland, Abel Kinyondo, Colleen Lewis and Katrin Steinack

The effectiveness of parliamentary committees in Queensland: 1996-2001
Suman Ojha

Queensland 2012 – Perspectives

Political tsunami – The 2012 Queensland election and its aftermath in Parliament
Roger Scott

Queensland’s parliamentary committees: dead, on life support, or lively?
Ken Coghill

Parliamentary chronicles

‘From the Tables’ A round-up of administrative and procedural developments in the Australasian Parliaments
Robyn Smith