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From your Editor, Colleen Lewis


Parliament and the Judiciary: Judicial Independence and the Nature of the Relationship Between Parliament and the Judiciary
David Harper (page 8)

Parliament and Independent Statutory Officers
David Solomon (page 20)

Royal Assent—The Business of Parliament or the Executive?
Anne Twomey (page 31)

Journalist Shield Laws and Binding the Parliament
Michael Mischin (page 48)

Exclusive Cognisance: Is it a Relevant Concept in the 21st Century?
Rosemary Laing (page 58)

Information and Parliamentary Democracy: The Battle of Privileges
Antonio Buti (page 3)

Parliament and the Courts: A Contemporary Assessment of the Ethic of Mutual Respect
Wayne Martin (page 80)

Parliament and Law Reform—the Role of the Australian Law Reform Commission Over Forty Years
Rosalind Croucher (page 99)

Parliamentary Privilege Developments in New Zealand: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Philip A Joseph (page 115)

Parliament, Executive and the Courts: Laws of Separation, Conventions of Mutual Respect and Outstanding Flashpoints
Neil Laurie (page 132)

Pusillanimous Parliamentarians
James Allan (page 155)


From the Tables — January–June 2015
Robyn Smith (page 166)