Welcome to the first edition of the Australasian Parliamentary Review in the new online format.

At its 2017 annual meeting, the Executive of the Australasian Study of Parliament Group agreed to move the APR Journal from a hard copy format to an online format. This is the first entirely online issue of the APR. The basic structure of the journal remains the same. Readers can read articles on screen or download and print as desired. Apart from its environmental and cost advantages, the online journal format allows for easier article searches, as well as the inclusion of electronic links and graphical material that is difficult to reproduce in a paper-based journal. Importantly, all previous hard copy journals are available in a searchable format on the ASPG website www.aspg.org.au

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Note from the Editor, Professor Rodney Smith

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Articles (extracts from the Journal)

Section 44 of the Constitution – What Have We Learnt and What Problems Do We Still Face?*
Anne Twomey

‘Purity of Election’: Foreign Allegiance and Membership of the Parliament of New South Wales*
Mel Keenan

Delegated Legislation and the Democratic Deficit: The Case of Christmas Island*
Kelvin Matthews

The Western Australian Parliament’s Relationship with the Executive: Recent Executive Actions and their Impact on the Ability of Parliamentary Committees to Undertake Scrutiny*
Alex Hickman

Developing an Ethical Culture in Public Sector Governance: The Role of Integrity Agencies*
Chris Aulich and Roger Wettenhall

Parliaments and Their Watchdogs: Evaluating the Role of Periodic Statutory Reviews of Auditors General*
Peter Wilkins

* (asterisk) Indicates these papers have been double blind reviewed to academic standards.

Book Review

John Curtin’s War, Volume One: The coming of war in the Pacific and reinventing Australia, by John Edwards. Penguin Viking, 2018 
David Clune


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