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Table of Contents

From the editor, Jennifer Aldred


Subordinate legislation: level scrutiny or politics in seclusion
Mark Aronson

The NSW 2011 election: a tale of hubris, knaves and scallywags
Elaine Thompson

From legislative machine to representative forum? Procedural change in the New Zealand parliament in the twentieth century
John E Martin

Parliament and democratic consolidation in Bangladesh
Nizam Ahmed

ANZACATT — Papers from the Parliamentary Law, Practice and Procedure Program 2009

David, Goliath and the stone of judicial review: the shield of parliamentary privilege in Stewart v Ronalds
Jenelle Moore

Tasmania’s Legislative Council elections — is reform needed?
Nathan Fewkes

Implications of the national human rights consultation for the powers and proceedings of parliament
Alison Clegg

The uncooperative witness: the punitive powers of parliamentary committees
Patrick Dupont

Parliamentary chronicles

Polls, pundits and parliamentarians — summary of proceedings of seminar held by the WA Chapter of the ASPG, September 2011
Harry Phillips

‘From the Tables’ – A round-up of administrative and procedural developments in the Australasian Parliaments
Robyn Smith

Book reviews

The Houses of the Oireachtas: Parliament in Ireland
Kevin Rozzoli

Electoral democracy: Australian prospects
Jennifer Aldred