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 From the editor, Jennifer Aldred


A comparative analysis of rights scrutiny of bills in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom: Is New Zealand lagging behind its peers?
Catherine Rodgers

Anti-corruption agencies: Impact on the privileges and immunities of parliament
Carly Sheen

Not quite as expected: Victorian Labor and the Legislative Council 2010
Paul Rodan

2011 ASPG Conference: The Executive versus the Parliament – Who Wins?

Parliament and the challenge of executive growth

Is the traditional role of parliament still valid in our society?
Sonia Hornery

Executive growth and the takeover of Australian parliaments
Scott Prasser

Balancing the need for the executive’s right to govern against the necessity for parliamentary scrutiny

A new era of parliamentary reform
Judy Spence

Resisting executive control in Queensland’s unicameral legislature — recent developments and the changing role of the speaker in Queensland
Kate Jones and Scott Prasser

Holding oppositions to account: the slow surrender of parliamentary democracy
Jay Tilley

Diminishing the efficacy of disallowance motions: quasi-legislation in state jurisdictions
Scott Hickie

The effects of non-government controlled upper houses on restraining the executive

The impact of multi-party government on parliament-executive relations — examples from Britain and Germany
Katrin Steinack

A case study from the South Australian Parliament
Jordan Bastoni

Restraints upon the agenda: policy making in Victoria 1982–1992
Alistair Harkness

Victorian perspectives

Cabinet confidentiality and parliamentary scrutiny in the information age
Tony Lupton

Victoria’s dispute resolution committee and its implications for an effective bicameral system
Philip Davis

Trends in public sector audit legislation: from federation to follow-the-dollar
Des Pearson

Who cares wins: parliamentary committees and the executive
Paul Lobban

The role of public accounts committees
Jonathan O’Dea

Prorogation and principle; the Gentrader Inquiry, government accountability and the shutdown of parliament
Teresa McMichael

Redressing the imbalance: recent developments

Breaking down the barriers — when parliaments display leadership and the executive follows
David Gibson

Pacific Island parliaments: developmental aspirations and political realities
Graham Hassall

Parliamentary chronicles

‘From the Tables’- A round-up of administrative and procedural developments in the Australasian Parliaments
Robyn Smith

Book review

The Fog on the Hill: How NSW Labor Lost its Way
David Clune