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News and Notes

Goodbye Donald Horne

The Kable Doctrine and State Legislative Power Over State Courts
Fiona Wheeler

A preview of the 2005 ASPG annual conference: Parliament, Accountability and Parliamentary Oversight Committee

Address: The Role of Parliamentary Committee Witnesses in the Foundation of Australia
Andrew Tink

Statutory Corporations: Parliamentary Oversight of Statutory Authorities: A Post-Uhrig Perspective
Roger Wettenhall

Elections and Voting:Colin’s Costly Canal and Labor’s Window of Opportunity: The 2005 Western Australian Election
David Black and Harry Phillips

A Short Report: The 2005 Northern Territory Election
Dean Jaensch

Electoral Reform as a Tonic for Referenda and Federalism: A Response to Professor Craven
Graeme Orr

Democracy and Parliament: Report on E-Democracy Talk by Professor Stephen Coleman
Kevin Rozzoli

An example for others: The Swinburne Chair in Parliamentary Democracy

The Democratic Audit of Australia

Politicians and Political Cynicism More or Less?
Kate Jones

Reducing Parliament and Minority Government in Tasmania: Strange Bedfellows Make Politics – Badly
Richard A Herr

Access to Published or Publishable Information from Departments of State: The Convention in ‘Washminster’-Style Parliaments
June Verrier

Book pages

Media Tarts: How the Australian Press Frames Female Politicians by Julia Baird
Helen Pringle