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From the editor, Elaine Thompson


The Australian Parliament in the Twitterverse
Roxanne Missingham

An Analysis of the Sources of Public Accounts Committee Inquiries: The Australian Experience
Kerry Jacobs, Kate Jones and David Smith

2009 ASPG Annual Conference: The Changing Face of Parliamentary Opposition – Independents, Parties and Houses

Keynote address: Independent Members in the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales – Periods of Change
Richard Torbay

Parliamentary Opposition and Overview

Educating and Training Parliamentarians
C Neesham, P Holland, Colleen Lewis, Ken Coghill and R Donohue

‘Queensland Speaks’: A progress report
Roger Scott and Peter Spearitt

How Independent the Arbiter? A case study of recent Northern Territory events
Robyn Smith

Formal vs Informal Oppositions

Does the Gender Composition of an Opposition Influence its Role on Women’s Issues?
John E S McCulloch

The Media and the Opposition
Judy Maddigan

An Analysis of Parliamentary Questions raised by Opposition in the Uttar Pradesh (India) State Legislative Assembly
Suman Ojha and Sanjay Mishra

Independents and Cross Benches

The Age of Independence? Independents in Australian Parliaments
Mark Rodrigues and Scott Brenton

Vigorous Democracy
Christine Milne

Green Members in Green Chambers: The role of the Australian Greens in government formation
William Bowe

Resources for Oppositions

Opposition One Day, Government the Next: Can oppositions make policy and be ready for office?
Scott Prasser

Working Collaboratively from Opposition (Independents, Parties and Houses) To Improve Services for Social Disadvantage
Judy Hopwood

Can the Opposition Effectively Ensure Government Accountability in Question Time? An empirical study
Parameswary Rasiah

What’s In It for Us? Why Governments Need Well Resourced Parliaments
Jordan Bastoni and Clement Macintyre

Houses and Opposition

Being in Opposition – Opportunities Lost
Russell D Grove


Orders for Documents: An Examination of the Powers of the Legislative Council of Victoria
Anthony Walsh

Report for ASPG

Timor-Leste in 2009: A Report
Robyn Smith

Election report

The South Australian Election 2010: A Summary
Dean Jaensch

Parliamentary chronicles

Time of Transition: The Queensland Parliament and Electoral Volatility, 2008–09
Paul D Williams

New South Wales Parliament Chronicle (the 54th Parliament 2007 – ongoing)