Easy WP Guide for WordPress 4.9

Note: We are currently endeavouring to access the
Easy WP Guide for WordPress 5.2

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WordPress is the software system used to create the ASPG’s main website. It is also the ASPG’s content management system.

A designated area in the website has been set-up for each ASPG Chapter and include pages to post information about:

Executive Committee

The ASPG supports and encourages its Chapters to manage their areas of the website.

Designated members of the respective Chapter executives are provided with “Administrator-level” capabilities to enable them to make necessary changes to their respective areas of the website. Click here to find out more about the Administrator role.

The Easy WP Guide provides all the information to update your WordPress site, in simple easy to read language. While there are more comprehensive guides available, this Guide seems to be the easiest to follow and is regularly updated to keep up with the latest WordPress version.

If you require help in using WordPress or would like some one-on-one training, please contact [email protected] to arrange.