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News and Notes


The Queensland Election of 2004: The art of ‘non-campaigning’
Tracey Arklay and John Wanna

Electoral Law Reform and the Work of the New Zealand Parliament
Richard Shaw

Superannuation, MPs and Trust
Colleen Lewis

Papers from the ASPG Annual Conference – Parliamentary Government Under Threat?

Listening to the Past to Build our Future
Clare Martin

Northern Territory: 25 Years of self-government – challenges for the future – Part 2
Denis Burke

Crisis or Opportunity? Indigenous Governance in the Northern Territory
John Ah Kit

Hands on Parliament – a Parliamentary Committee Inquiry into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ Participation in Queensland’s Democratic Process
Sarah Lim

Responsible Government: Ministerial responsibility and motions of ‘censure’/ ‘no confidence’
David Blunt

The Role of Private Members’ Bills
Nicolee Dixon

Race to the Summit
Ronda Miller

The Canadian Provincial Integrity Commissioner: An assessment for adoption in Australia’s states
Harry Phillips

Parliamentary Democracy – Checks and Balances
Austin Asche

Polls Apart: Reforming the Senate – Who Wants it and Why?
Trish Crossin

The New Terrorism – The Parliamentary Response – The Example of the Commonwealth Parliament
David Elder

Book pages

Latham and Abbott: The lives and rivalry of the two finest politicians of their generation, Michael Duffy
Christian Kerr

The Power of Speech : Australian prime ministers defining the national image, James Curran
Mark Rolfe

Parliamentary Privilege, Edith Campbell
Helen Pringle