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News and Notes


Valedictory Speech
Speaker Boothroyd

Centenary of federation
Bob Carr

A sense of crowd and urgency
Winston Churchill


Indigenous voting rights in Australia
Scott Bennett

Backing away from the brink
Yehonathan Tommer

The Western Australian election of 10 February 2001: more a case of protracted suicide than of assassination
Bruce Stone

A conservative débâcle: the electoral rout in Queensland 2001
John Wanna

Fiji and the export of electoral systems
Joan Rydon

Ethics and elections
Rowena Johns

Rating the effectiveness of committee reports: some examples
Malcolm Aldons

‘Questioning’ a privilege: article 9 of the Bill of Rights 1688
G M Kelly

From Federation to opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament

1901: The first federal election
Marian Simms

The Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia
M R L Kelly

Documenting a democracy: www.foundingdocs.gov.au
Lenore Coltheart

Robert Arthur Broinowski: A witness to federation history
Richard Broinowski

The first four Prime Ministers
Robert Arthur Broinowski

Parliament’s dualing choirs
Ken Coghill

Book pages

Our first ninety-nine senators: a review of the Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate, volume 1, edited by Ann MillarHelen Irving
R L Cope

Edmund Barton: The One Man for the Job by Geoffrey Bolton
Helen Irving

Big John Forrest, 1847-1918: A Founding Father of the Commonwealth of Australia by Frank Crowley
Helen Irving

Australian Prime Ministers, edited by Michelle Grattan
Neville Meaney

The Australian Century: Political Struggles in the Building of a Nation, edited by Robert Manne
Neville Meaney

A Witness to History: The Life and Times of Robert Arthur Broinowski by Richard Broinowski
Derek Drinkwater

The Rule of Law and the Constitution by The Hon Murray Gleeson AC
Fiona Wheeler

The New Roles of Parliamentary Committees, edited by Lawrence D Longley and Roger H Davidson
Malcom Aldons

Parliamentary Committees: Enhancing Democratic Governance: The Report of a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Study Group
Malcom Aldons

Parliamentary Democracy: Democratization, Destabilization, Reconsolidation, 1789-1999 by Klaus von Beyme
Malcom Aldons

Deadlock or Democarcy? The Future of the Senate edited by Brian Costar
Malcom Aldons

Fighting For The Republic by Malcolm Turnbull
David Flint

Democracy in Europe by Larry Siedentop
Mark Thomas

Political donations and German parties under review: a commentary on recent German publications
R L Cope