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This number of APR  was printed and published in May 2004. For bibliographic reasons it was dated, Autumn 2003.

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News and Notes


2003 New South Wales Election
Antony Green

Victorian State Election 2002
Winsome Roberts

From Breaking Governments to a Brake on Government: A new bicameralism in Victoria
Brian Costar and Greg Gardiner

Reviewing South Australia’s Constitution
Clement Macintyre

Strained Parliamentary Relations: Green-supported minority government in Tasmania
Kate Crowley

The Governor-General and Parliament
Sir David Smith

Evaluating Parliamentary Committees: Light at the end of the Tunnel?
Malcolm Aldons

Parliamentary Committees – a Secretary’s Role
Peter C Grundy

Parliamentary Sovereignty Versus Executive Responsibility: The making of regulations to give effect to obligations under the United Nations Charter
Alex Conte

Images of the House of Representatives: Impact of changes in media and communication technologies
Robyn McClelland

Constitutional and Parliamentary Developments in Scotland
Sir David Steel

Trudeau Remembered
Jean Fournier

Some Current Parliamentary Matters in Germany
R L Cope

Book pages

The Challenge for Parliament: Making Government Accountable
Malcolm Aldons

The Members of the German Bundestag from its Inception to the Present
R L Cope