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From your editor, Elaine Thompson

2007 ASPG Annual Conference (Adelaide): Parliament’s Accountability to the People

President’s Report
Kevin Rozzoli

Keynote Address: Parliamentary Scrutiny of Executive Government
Ken Macpherson

Parliamentary Inquiries as a Form of Policy Evaluation
Mark Rodrigues

Promoting Deliberative Debate? The Submissions and Oral Evidence Provided to Australian Parliamentary Committees in the Creation of Counter-Terrorism Laws
Dominique Dalla-Pozza

Parliament’s Accountability to the People, the Role of Committees: A Queensland View
John Alvey

Strengthening Government and Parliamentary Accountability in Victoria
Bob Stensholt

Preferential Roles of MPs on Parliamentary Committees
Grant Jones

Independent Parliamentarians and Accountable Government
Brian Costar

Parliamentary Accountability to the Public – Developing MPs’ Ethical Standards
Ken Coghill, Ross Donohue and Peter Holland

Petition Effectiveness: Improving Citizens’ Direct Access to Parliament
Sonia Palmieri

The Right of Reply in the Victorian Parliament
Judy Maddigan

A Brief History of Conscience Voting in New Zealand
David Lindsey

Conscience Votes in the Federal Parliament since 1996
Deirdre McKeown and Rob Lundie, with Guy Woods

The Greatest Heights of Parliament? Conscience Votes and the Quality of Parliamentary Debate
Helen Pringle

Parliament’s Relationship with the Media
Claressa Surtees

Finding a Balance between Accountability and Exclusive Cognisance: Some Recent Developments in NSW
Les Gönye

Queensland ASPG Conference April 2007 – Ministerial Responsibility and Parliamentary Accountability

Ministerial Responsibility and Parliamentary Accountability: Observations on the Role of the Leader and Ministerial Responsibility
Kevin Martin


The Practice of Proroguing the Parliament and the Effect on Parliamentary Committees
Anna Dacre

General articles

Executive Accountability to the Senate and the NSW Legislative Council
Anne Twomey

Parliamentary reports

Tasmanian Parliamentary Chronicle July 2006 – December 2007
Richard Herr

Queensland Parliamentary Chronicle
Jo Mathers

New Zealand Parliament – Battles over Election Campaign Financing
Colin James