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News and Notes


Back to the Future? The November 2001 federal election
David Clune

Incumbency as Wasting Asset: Structural shifts in federal politics
Michael Warby

Still the Good Europeans? The Italian general election of May 2001
David Moss and Claire Kennedy

Legislative Council Exhibition Building 1908

The New South Wales Legislative Council: An analysis of its contemporary performance as a house of review
Gareth Griffith

Enough Quality to Handle Quantity: Managing increasing demand for parliamentry information and research services
June R Verrier

Parliament in Exile: Aspects of the Victorian Parliament at the Exhibition Building, 1901 to 1927
Victor Isaacs

Parliament – Meeting Public Expectations

Selected papers presented to Parliamentary Studies Unit, Monash University Conference, Melbourne, 17 September 2001

Parliament in a Fuzzy Democracy
Ken Coghill

The Value of Parliament
Arthur R Donahoe

Issues Confronting Parliaments
John Uhr

The Declining Reputation of Politicians: Is it deserved?
Colleen Lewis

Book pages

Parliament – the Vision in Hindsight, edited by Geoffrey Lindell and R. Bennett
Neil Andrew, Geoffrey Lindell, Kim Beazley, and George Brandis

The Past and Present of Parliamentary Libraries
Russel L Cope

Elections Full, Free and Fair, edited by Marian Sawer
Joan Rydon

The People’s Choice: Electoral Politics in 20th Century New South Wales, edited by Michael Hogan and David Clune
Malcolm Mackerras

A House for our Future: A Report
Joan Rydon

Remarkable Occurrences: The National Library of Australia’s First 100 Years: 1901-2001, edited by Peter Cockrane
Greig Tillotson